TextGen automates interactive texting conversations between large brands and the consumers that need their help.

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TextGen Automates Customer Contact

A TextGen number invites the customer to have a conversation with you about your product. Customers are then able to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. TextGen scripts can be as simple as a question, or as complex as any modern web application with access to data sources, web services and whatever business logic your business needs. Try our demo to see how easy it is!

  • To begin your demonstration, please have your mobile device ready.
  • Using your mobile device, text us at (774) 855-1507
  • Then just begin a conversation with TextGen!
TextGen speaks 40 languages, just like your customer base.

How TextGen Works

Step 1: Customer sends text to number on package.

Step 2: TextGen automates the conversation, asking questions, providing solutions and storing the answers for integration and existing workflows.

TextGen supports SMS, Web, Social and Over The Top Messaging.

Who We Are

TextGen is led by CEO Thomas Howe, who in the 1990’s designed first-ever products in both the VoIP and ADSL arenas, and more recently was the call control lead for the successful pursuit of the $291 million dollar FAA communications network redesign on behalf of Harris Corporation. The company was incubated in 2012 in partnership with Thomas Howe, Gary Pudles, CEO of AnswerNet a leading provider of call center services to hundreds of major international brands, as well as a member of SOCAP, and Noah Rafalko, CEO of TSG Global, a pioneer in text-enabling both landlines and toll free numbers for carriers and large enterprise. Noah is also an expert advisor on advocacy and compliance. TextGen was launched out of incubation in 2013, and is now in beta deployments with a range of customers and strategic partners.

Thomas Howe


Matt Lukens

VP of Sales

Gordon DuQuesnay

Lead Developer

Steve Hirschberger


Johnny Chadwick


Gary Pudles

Co Founder

Dina Radeka Lyons

Creative Director

Shamsul Azhar


Matias Niemelä


Noah Rafalko

Co Founder

Borey Lim


Hoon Kang


Samnang Chunn


Rory Xing Xing Jackson


Xu Ruo


Script Writer Lazslo


Mimi Gheorghe

Test Department


TextGen provides simpler integrations to your legacy infrastructure.

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